Acquiring a dog may be they only time a person gets to choose a relative.


Your Doodles

Our pups with their new families

Winnie4Parents: Reese and Champ

Hi Candace,

Thomas and I wanted to send you a little note to thank-you for our little pooch, Winnie! We are so lucky that for the first 8 weeks (and the time in Reese’s belly) she was so well taken care of, played with, and loved! She is such a sweet girl and is learning so quickly. We love having her in our family and we love watching her grow.

Thank you for your dedication to your pups. I’m so glad Thomas found you above anyone else as the breeder to go with. Lucky us!!

Thanks again,

Thomas and Andie


KodaParents: Penny and Jacob

Hi Candice,

I just wanted to forward this picture of Koda at 15 months old. We just wanted to tell you what an awesome addition to our family he is. Koda has fit right in with all of his people. He has a friend across the street that he loves to play with and he socializes really well with other dogs. He is such a loving, funny, goofy bundle of fur! He travels well. He is not a fan of the groomer or of fireworks but I imagine those things take a while to adjust to.

Koda loves to snuggle and cuddle! He loves the water and is comfortable kayaking but is still unsure about swimming and we haven’t pushed him on that either. He will be around water a lot this summer so we will see if he decides to try and swim.

He is excited about all our adventures. None of us could imagine our life with out him. Koda is a very special dog!

Thanks so much

The Nelson’s



imageParents: Tessa and Spin

Hi Candice,

I just wanted to give you some feedback as a customer and 1st time pet owner.

I took Farley to the vet today and he ( the vet) was very impressed with the puppy’s health, temperament and evidence of the care he’s had so far. I took the vaccination record and he was very thrilled that you vaxed them at 8 weeks old as opposed to 6. He was also very impressed with the deworming pill and the documentation. Additionally, he was impressed with how healthy Farley was, he said not very many breeders take the same level of care as you did. We talked about the food and he said the quality of food you fed the pups and continue to feed your dogs is remarkable. He gave me the option to switch Farley to food that he swears by but I chose to keep him on the food you introduced him to.

My impressions of your place from our very 1st visit were amazing. You were very communicative and at our 1st visit at 3 weeks of age, it was evident how well loved the puppies were. Your home was clean and free of any dog scent. The yard the older dogs had access to also blew me away.

This is my 1st time getting a dog and we are already thinking of a companion for Farley when he’s a year old. I would not hesitate to get another goldendoodle from you. Farley has only been home with us for 3 days but we are in love with him. Everyone who’s met him is very impressed with him. We will work diligently to train him.

Thanks very much for the services you’ve provided. If you have any potential 1st time customers who are looking for references, please don’t hesitate to have them contact me.

Sophia Lynette


image-01Parents: Honey and Spin

Hi Candice

Dexter is such a wonderful dog! When we go to the off leash park everyone knows him by name. The local pool allowed dogs the last day so he got to go for a real swim!

Jacqueline Riva


MollyParents: Penny and Jacob

Hi Candice,

Molly is going to be 2 years old on Halloween! I can’t believe it! She is so smart, has the greatest personality and gets attention everywhere she goes! She is a happy girl, especially if the words “walk” “squirrel” “toy” or “treat” is mentioned. There is never a dull moment with her around. She really has been the greatest addition.

Thank you so much!

Jenna Cooper


photo-2Parents: Honey and Spin

Hi Candice,

It’s Zoe’s first birthday today and we thought we’d send you a picture. She has been the best dog and we love her to pieces. Thanks so much for giving us this great furry friend for our family.

Hala and Collin McKee


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