A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.

Josh Billing



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Beautiful dogs, lovingly home raised…

see what a difference it makes.


 About Us


Expect to be impressed!


We are breeders of top quality smart, loving and goofy goldendoodles! We are located just outside of Red Deer Alberta on an acreage. Our goal is to produce happy, healthy, well socialized and loving family pets.

We are NOT a kennel. You won’t find our dogs living in cages and being treated like livestock. All of our dogs are family pets either in our home or in one of our great guardian homes. Our dogs are walked, played with and loved every single day. They get top quality food, regular vet care, clean surroundings, regular grooming and awesome toys to play with.


We have a passion for this beautiful breed.


This is my full time job and I take it very seriously, our dogs and puppies are bred, raised and cared for with love and attention every single day. The doodles and I are lucky to have my husband work long days with us when he is home on his days off. He works just as hard as I do when he is home. He jokes that he has to go back to work to get a break. We also have Barb, a great friend and doodle lover who is now a part of this crazy doodle business. She is someone we can really trust and it helps with the day to day workload and allows us to be able to get away. It also means extra cuddles for the dogs and puppies.

We do things the right way! It is hard work but it is worth it to see the smiling faces on puppy day! I believe that we are spreading happiness and bringing joy with these beautiful bouncing little bundles of fur! We are Vet recommended, People recommended and have had many repeat customers.

Visitors are always welcome, we encourage you to come and see our home, yard and puppy areas and meet our great dogs and puppies.


If you want the best, buy from the best!

Get what you pay for: healthy, social and loving family members with a lifetime of support from a Professional, Caring Goldendoodle Breeder!


Candice Farrell       Phone: 403-346-2477       email: ooodlesofdoodles@hotmail.com